Crystal Palace Gymastics has some of the finest coaches in the country.

Here is what some of them had to say about the club.


Enhanced CRB, 1st Aid, Child Protection, Judge and level 2 General Coach & W/A

“I have been with Crystal Palace Gymnastics for about 8 years since joining at the age of 12. I’m currently a level 2 general coach and I’m working towards a level 2 in women’s artistic and level 1 tumbling.

“The club is a friendly environment in which the girls are able to learn at their own pace. The coaches are warm and welcoming and the head coach is an extremely caring woman who knows each of the gymnasts individually.

“I enjoy coming to work there every Sunday and I look forward to finishing my studies so that I can return to being a full time coach.”



Enhanced CRB, 1st Aid, Child Protection, Judge, Level 1 W/A Coach

“I have been with Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club for 8 years. I started reasonable late at about 10 and then soon found a passion for coaching.

“I have so much love for Penny and all of the coaches and of course our lovely gymnasts. I thank them for bringing such a supportive atmosphere to the gym every week.

“I hope to be heavily involved with the club for many years to come because, for me, Crystal Palace is more of a family than anything else and it is this gym club that has got me to where I am today.”



Judge, Level O Coach

“I am 14 and have been coming to gymnastics at the club since I was 4 years old. I joined Penny and Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club in December 2006 and competed in my first competition in march 2007 achieving my white pin and getting first place with a gold medal.

“I am now in the senior team doing displays and I have competed in a large number of competitions including the London Youth Games. I have recently passed my level 0 coaching award, and my level 1 judging award for floor and vault.

“I now help with the coaching of the mini gymnastics squad. We work hard to achieve our dreams at gym, we support and help each other, and try to make all our coaches proud. My hours at the gym each week are some of the best and that is why I love Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club.”



Judge, 1st Aid, Level O Coach

“I started training at Crystal Palace 6 years ago. I have passed my Level 0 coaching course and I coach some of the younger gymnasts. I try to be tough but fair and in the future I hope to continue to make my gymnasts feel confident at learning new skills and safe in the gym environment.

“I love coaching at Crystal Palace because it is a family atmosphere, a safe environment, a team effort and I have made some great friends at the club.

“I can’t describe the feeling of being part of something as special as Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club every Thursday and Sunday because I know I am training at the best gym club with the best people.”


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